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03-20-2010, 11:21 PM
hahahah, this one has every liberal stereotype of conservatives out there is liberal land.

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I fear what is happening to our country. Updated at 8:31 PM

As I sit and watch tv, read Democratic Underground Posts, read news on Raw Story and the Huffington Post, I really wonder what has happened to our country. What I see is ignorance personified on the right. The right has become a hate filled mob of scared, gullible, and stupid baby boom generation and older idiots (with a few race mongering White Power advocates thrown in.. They fear our black president,they see the end of white always being right and in the majority, they fear almost everything. It sickens me to see people my age, (60) being so filled with vile ignorance. I live in Texas and have been surrounded by a sea of hatred. When the president is mentioned, I actually see the fear and hear the hatred when my brother and sister talk about him.

They believe anything they hear. My sister, was a liberal until she moved to Oklahoma about 8 years ago and was married to a life long Republican. Even though her son is in the middle of three of the issues where you most often hear hate, (he is gay and can not find a full time job and does not have insurance) she blames Obama for bringing the hate on to himself. She has been estranged from both of her kids because of her belief. She cries when I talk to her because I will not listen to the nonsense she spouts without confronting her.

I can not talk to my brother without him blaming Obama for abortion and that the health care bill will take his Medicare away. Even though I live blocks from him, I find myself not calling or going by.

My in laws were told yesterday that Obama was going to take away their social security, medicare, and retired military benefits. They are truly scared that they will have to live on the streets. They are in their 80's and they are now being bombarded by hate.

I have quit going to my church because of the hate I hear about our president.

The hope I see is the younger generations. I teach in a middle school. I envision a country where gay and trans gender will have full rights. I see a time when we do have universal health care. I really believe that quality of character will be seen not color of skin My fear is I will not live long enough to see it. You're right you won't live long enough to see quality of character and not simply skin color because the left will always believe that skin color matters and will continue to call the race card, stoking racial divisiveness. Among conservatives you can live a long time without that happening. We see quality of character, not skin color. So really it's YOUR fault.

You can tell that this is a made up tall tale because conservatives don't like Obama's policies. I'm around many many conservatives every day and all they talk about is his policies and his anti Americanism; they don't "blame Obama for bringing the hate on himself", that's liberal speak because that is what they think that conservatives think. Why would any conservative blame Obama for bringing the hate on himself?

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27. I get that feeling too, like a slow-motion train wreck. It makes me uneasy

as I had this same feeling in five really major good corporations I worked in and they are all gone now, failed, and they were at the top of the heap. A number of us saw it coming, but at our level we were powerless, we watched it coming, some of us jumped ship and survived. It was very uncomfortable and I'll be damn if I don't have that same exact feeling now with the US. It was easier back then, started sending out resumes... but you can't jump around counties unless you have a ton of money, not me.

I know some people like your relatives you mentioned, they seem hypnotized by the hatred being spewed by RW media. I'm not saying I'm a fortune teller, but I've always had a good sense of a failing corporation and it bothers me now with our country because I am seeing the potential for the right spark for demagogues to lead us into another civil war or something. In fact, some of them are still fighting the last one. It's very concerning what unleashed uninhibited hatred can do. And I am furious with outfits like Fox News and similar working to undermine and destroy the country for their profit. Translation: They don't agree with us so therefore when they verbalize it, we consider it "hatred", and we won't agree with anything you want, think or believe so therefore if you don't like it it's YOU who are leading us into a civil war. But really we're right so we don't have anything to do with it.

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24. I am afraid it's willful ignorance. The media has been dumbed down, our education has been dumbed

down and now we have a nation of gullibles. They dont want to learn when it's so much more fun to hate. The truth is always harder to take than a lie. And the media and the educators are almost all liberals so what does that tell you about liberal politics.......yea, they fail every time you try it.

Dan D. Doty
03-20-2010, 11:47 PM
These bozos keep saying stupid stuff because they don't have the brain power ( or sanity) to find things out.

Even since that third rate actress Janeane Garofalo made that stupid statement ( without listening to what any body was saying at the first Tea Party, really smart babe :rolleyes: ) , the rest of Moonbats have been repeating like a bunch of schiziod Norwegian Blue Parrots on a super delux meth binge; this going along with " This whole thing is fake, big business created it " . " Dick Army created " " These people only do what talk radio tells them to do" and my fav " they're domestic terrorist and should be arrested." ; land of the free , home of the brave.

Sadly it only proves what I've been saying for year how the Moonbats never research how others think, what forces motivate them; millions for proganda, not one red cent for intellengence.