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03-20-2010, 11:59 PM
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If a hate site publicly outs PRIVATE Democratic donors is it right to expose the hate site owner?

From the hate site

Here’s how you can do it:

(1) Go to http://www.newsmeat.com / It is the be-all and end-all for federal campaign contribution research. Get very familiar with it. We’re working on a tutorial to help guide you on how to get the best information out of it. Please add comments to this thread your experiences with it that would be good in a tutorial.

(2) Go to www.OpenSecrets.org Similar to Newsmeat. Please do the same thing, and as you get familiar with it add in comments your tips so that we can compile a tutorial that teaches people how to effectively research who is funding the Left.

(3) Run Bing searches for “Louise Slaughter fundraiser”, “Louise Slaughter” campaign event, “Louise Slaughter” co-chair event, etc. trying to pull up all the articles you can find on campaign fundraising events Louise Slaughter has held. When we find these events, we need to read carefully for any names that keep popping up as Chairs or Co-Chairs or “Friends” of the event. These are wealthy people who raise all the money for Slaughter. They are the ones who are charged with bringing as many people to the event as possible, requiring all their friends and neighbors to pony up the $1,000 or $2,500 or whatever it costs to get into the event to have their photo taken with Slaughter and whatever luminaries she’s brought with her to entice attendance. If we can start alienating her bundlers from her, and get the Chairs of her events to stop hosting fundraisers for her, we can bankrupt her re-election campaign rather quickly.

(4) Use this thread to research all negative things you can about Slaughter. We can use them in our letters to her Donors telling them exactly why they need to stop giving Louise Slaughter any more campaign contributions.

(5) The next step is to research the associates, neighbors, and friends of Louise Slaughter’s Donors and ask them to ask their friends to stop giving to Louise Slaughter. We think that will really unnerve a lot of these socialites, if their FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS start getting mail too, telling them all about what the Donors are up to. We bet that makes them stop writing checks to Slaughter licketysplit.

Democracy can only work if individuals may give freely to a cause without fear or retribution. This disgraceful teabagger site, who claim to be patriots are attempting to destroy the very fabric of democracy. Democracy can not be just the protected Corporate donors, it must also be about the individual donors, big or small.

The American right wing are going way too far now. I'm happy to shine a light on those extremists and will be more than happy to reveal the full details of the thugs. If they do so, I hope that any of the donors threatened by these thugs will be able to use the information against them, in a court of law of necessary.

I'm prepared to stand for democracyThey have no problem doing this with Prop 8 supporters, but turnabout is not fair and is in fact "hate". Right! :rolleyes:

Several of these.

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3. Do it.

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4. This exact strategy was proposed here for CA Prop 8 supporters, so...

...um...what's your problem, exactly?

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5. Isn't there a battle in CA over prop 8 donors and such? (nt)
But this is "different"......

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7. A political party is somewhat different. Updated at 11:39 PM

Without political donors democracy fails to function, which is quite clearly their aim. They have a reasonably high profile site, promoted by Rush Limbaugh, they are far right extremists who claim to be moderate democrats and have attracted a big teabagger following.

They like their secrecy and anonymity so it is hypocritical of them to expect not to be outed.

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6. It's Public Record...

I've used Newsmeat many times to see whose donating what. It's information available to all and something a person should always take into consideration when they're making a political donation.

Many here, including myself, aren't too keen on "private" donations as it's asking for abuse. Thus these sites are one of the few tools at our disposal to attempt to keep those that want to flood elections with money a little more honest.

(ed note: And speaking of honesty......)

If you keep your donations small, they won't show up on those sites...and been a policy of mine. Instead of sending $500 at a shot, I'll send 5 separate $100 dollar checks that aren't reported.

As far as being a threat...you're gonna need a lot more proof than someone's name on a website. Yes, it's ugly, especially if its yours, but unless you can show police true intent to harm (legitimate death threats) then there's little they or a lawyer can do. The price we pay for freedom of speech.

Dan D. Doty
03-21-2010, 12:07 AM
Thanks for reminding me of Prop 8, I guess they don't like it when its done to them; maybe they'll just find another old lady to beat up on to make themselves feel better ;)

03-21-2010, 12:12 AM
Thanks for reminding me of Prop 8, I guess they don't like it when its done to them; maybe they'll just find another old lady to beat up on to make themselves feel better ;)

That was the very first thing that came to my mind . . . .