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03-21-2010, 08:46 AM
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My oldest friend no longer speaks to me.

She is Catholic which was neither here nor there for me. I have been to Mass with her. However, over the last few years she has become more vocal and has seemed to be taking the Vatican's edicts rather fiercely. Maybe she was always very strict about her views, and I had no clue.

Something came up in a seemingly innocuous conversation about Africa and AIDS. Condoms were mentioned and she went off. I mean she was ranting and off the charts. She said they weren't foolproof. I said nothing was, and she was off again about abstinence only. I was speechless which occurs rarely.

I put my head down and listened to the screed coming over the phone. As I was listening, I was thinking that she teaches health to 7th graders. While abstinence is stressed, contraception is taught. After she wound down, I stepped in where angels fear to even use a GPS for a location.

I asked her if abstinence was the only concept she taught in her health classes. She said yes. I then told her that this was not only a matter of unwanted pregnancies and possible abortions, it was a matter of life and death. STDs cannot be overlooked and by only talking about abstinence she knew those kids might find themselves with a deadly disease. Off she went again.

I told her that she should let someone else teach that section if her beliefs didn't permit it, but that the school wasn't an arm of the Catholic church nor any other faith. Off she went again, and then she slammed the phone down.

She has since taken a non-teaching job so I was spared reporting her to the AUTHORITIES. I would have done it as bad as I would have felt.

So one down and no more to go. I have such a way with people. *sigh*Well, liberals consider it "hate" when a conservative doesn't agree with them. Likewise they consider anyone who dares tell them they don't agree to be "ranting" and of course it is "hatred". But when they (liberals) "rant" it is considered to be "righteous".

Here's another rather unbelievable story. It's funny, but they just don't get that their stereotypes of conservatives isn't true, so when they make up stories they always include those stereotypes. It's a dead giveaway but the rest of the DUers eat it up.

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3. At one time my e-mail address list was quite lengthy, including friends

from school and relatives. Down to under ten now. I don't miss them and am relieved I don't have to read their vitriol. Mostly Catholics also. One time a discussion came up about the DaVinci Code movie and one of the uncles told me "his priest wouldn't allow him or others to view it." That was enough for me...LOL.

If, and that's a big IF, these are true it says more about their intolerance of others with differing opinions and beliefs. So much so that they cut people out of their lives because of it.

03-21-2010, 08:51 AM
As usual, the DUmmy has it backwards. It sounds as if she is no longer speaking to her oldest friend, not he other way around.

Of course, she doesn't seem to be speaking to much of anyone else, either.

03-21-2010, 10:35 AM
Am I the only one who caught the "report her to the authorities" comment? As if teaching abstinence only is a violation of the law? Her friend is right. The only way to avoid STD's and other sex related problems is abstinence. It's 100% foolproof.