View Full Version : Your amendment message to Americans

03-21-2010, 08:13 PM
When the abomination that is the Democrats' HCR bill gets signed into law, as their subterfuge appears to have assured. The reconciliation bill that is supposed to "fix" it will go to the Senate, at which point Republican senators are attempt to put forth amendments to it, knowing full well that they will be quashed by the Democrats there. So, barring some change of heart somewhere, these proposed amendments are little more than a vehicle by which a message can be sent to the American people who are in attendance.

Given that "message only" dynamic, what amendment would you bring to the floor of the Senate?

Mine would be as follows:

Upon passage of this legislation the US Department of Education will mandate that all K-12 teachers become fluent in Mandarin Chinese no later than the commencement of the school year 2015. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action, loss of tenure, or dismissal. Further, at the commencement of the school year 2015, all children enrolled in public schools K-12 will be required to have a high proficiency level in speaking and writing Mandarin Chinese. This amendment will assure future generations of what are now Americans can be successful in the future workforce of this great nation post financial collapse.