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Assuming this is true (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x7995757), I feel sorry for the old lady. Not for the "story", but that she has a DUmbass as a lonely point of contact.

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Original message“The monsters never go away."

I occasionally do volunteer work taking supplies to elderly shut ins. One lady that I’ve come to know is almost 90 and she has a faded concentration camp number tattoo on her forearm. I never thought it was right to ask her about it, and she never volunteered any information about it.

She’s fully aware mentally, she keeps up with the news on TV, newspapers and magazines which she reads through a magnifying glass, and she has a grand nephew who has shown her lots of things on his laptop computer. When possible, I spend time with her on weekends and she’s always interested in and asking about current events.

I didn’t have a lot of time early this morning, but she stopped me cold when she asked me if it was true that there were people yelling at congressmen and calling them “disgusting names.” I assumed that her grand nephew had shown her stories about the insane tea baggers at work. Although I was late, it didn’t seem that important. I spent about half an hour with her, explaining what had happened.

She wanted to know what was actually said and I told her. As she slowly absorbed it, I’m certain she was tearing up. Then, she bowed her head a little and seemed to be talking more to herself than to me.

She said: “The monsters never go away.”

I realized that I was living in an instant of time that only our greatest writers could have conceived. I also became aware that I was looking at the number tattooed on her arm, and I could feel myself tearing up.

Most of the time, we all wake up to just another day. But this day, and the words she spoke, will remain with me until I die.

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2. !I'm speechless.

Same here...

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I assumed that her grand nephew had shown her stories about the average Americans who were livid at Obama's violation of the US Constitution Although I was late, it didn’t seem that important. I spent about half an hour with her, telling her every lie and smear I could think of


03-24-2010, 08:49 AM
It's probably a half-truth, in that Cyrano probably does do volunteer work with the elderly and perhaps has an elderly jewish patient with numbers still visable on her arm, but the rest is likely made up.

There are plenty of elderly people in metro Detroit who still bear the scars on their arms. There's a Holocaust memorial site in Bloomfield Hills.

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