View Full Version : Tea Party Summer Rebellion,Liberty tree blooms again!

03-27-2010, 03:05 PM

"Ohhh What a glorious morning!"*

Isn't it a nice day! It will be a great summer and year after these Socialist storms.

The Liberty Tree dormant for so long will sprout and bloom to the fullest!

This will be the summer of revolt and rebuliding, rebellion and restoring, resistance and repair!

It will be Great!

That long dormant freedom gene buried in the DNA of this nation, the one that was dominate
in the latter part of the 18Th century has been awaken!
The liberal-socialist bigger government enslavers have awaken a sleeping giant and filled it with
a terrible resolve**.
To put Liberty herself back where the liberal-socialist have knocked her off and down from.
Back on her rightful throne.

We will not shut-up! We will not be defeated!!

Join or be enslaved! Join or leave that enslavement to your children and your grandchildren as their

* Sam Adams
** Yamoto twist.