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Dan D. Doty
03-27-2010, 03:29 PM
Guys, I'm sorry to put this thread here, but its the one forum DUers go to most of the time ( to see they were mentioned :rolleyes:

But I found a thread over there talking about the events at Waco, in '93, and not one of the third rate jokers has any idea what happened at all.

So where we bring in the facts ( not rants).

The Davidian had for some time before the raid had been making extra money ( most of them had normal jobs) by selling firearms at gun shows. The case against some of the Davidians was they had built two AR-15s out of spare parts, and sold them at one of the shows; they hadn't payed taxes on the weapons.

The ATF didn't have a search warrent, they had an arrest warrent ( which was left behind at the office).

The uniforms the agents wore only had the letters B.A.T.F on the back, the front ( The Davidians didn't know who they were).

When David Koresh came to the front door , he told those outside " Hold on...there are women and children in here ..." then the shooting started ( Koresh was hit right above his left hip).

According to the finding of reporter, Dave Hall ATF fired into the compound between nine to fifteen minutes before anyone inside fired back ( one of the Davians got on the phone to the Sheriff's office, pleading for them to stop the assualt). The ATF only identified themself as such after the shooting started.

Gunships from the Texas National Guard were there on request from ATF ( they too fired at the compound).
ATF had told Gov. Ann Richards that the Davidians had a drug lab ( which turned out not to be true).

The ATF later stated that shots were fired at them through the closed front doors, the lawyers who visited the Davidians during the siege said there only bullet holes going into the door from the outside. The door were metal and survived the fire ( ATF later claimed that they missed place the doors).

After the fire, autopies showed that most of the Davidians who had died, was not from fire, nor smoke , but from hydrogen cyanide gas. The government had bought C.S. gas from Aldridge Chemicals ( the government had been told the gas was for outside use only. When used inside the gas became poisonous, and was flamable as coal dust).

DU has once again raised the ghost Waco, saying those who disagree with the government ( when Democrats are full control of it). Sadly, they never got the story straight the first time.

Now, I dare anyone of them to rent WACO: RULES OF ENGAGEMENTS and find out the real truth... if they have the courage.