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I think this is my favorite DU post.

Be sure to read to the end even if you have to skim it or skip whole sentences if you must to keep from busting out in uncontrollable laughter.

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Republicans, why don't you just grow up and do your jobs?

You are elected officials whose job is to MAKE DECISIONS. Today, Obama made fifteen recess appointments, and now we have John McCan't suggesting to the press that Obama is subverting the constitution. (And they made decisions. The decision was that Obama's choices WERE NOT ACCEPTABLE. How hard is that for you to understand?)

Well, you know what, you prune of a man? By failing to do your jobs, sitting in your little Senate chairs with your arms folded, holding your breath like Kindergartners, YOU Republicans are in fact subverting the Constitution. In fact, you're breaking the oaths that you made when you took office - to uphold the US Constitution and to honor the laws of the federal government. If you don't believe in oversight by vetting and voting on Obama's nominees, then American voters have a problem in Congress, and that problem is spelled G-O-P. (Democrats didn't think it was that way when the Republicans controlled congress. It's YOU that has the problem)(On the plus side he DOES know how to spell GOP.)

Why would independents want to keep you? Voters know that you're against this government, but they have no idea what you're FOR. I see no reason why you should stay in office if your answer to a loss of power is to throw your toys off of your high chairs. I'm sorry if the rattle isn't what you wanted, but it's not going to be any better on the dirty floor - isn't that right, isn't that right? Now let me squeeze your little cheeks. (Democrats never know what Republicans stand for because you continually put your fingers in your ears and yell "na, na, na, na,, I can't hear you." As they are thinking "And I wouldn't let them know if I did hear them.")

Crying and beating the floor also won't win you votes. If you want to appeal to the 2 or 300 nerds standing on the mall with misspelled signs and wearing 100 different bastardizations of the American flag, then go right ahead. However, it takes more than 2 to 300 votes in each of your states to keep you in office. (Well, we'll see about that in November, won't we?)

And - one more thing - while Obama is busy changing your dirty diapers after the giant dump you took after being in power for eight years, don't complain. He might not apply the talcum as he redresses you, and diaper rash SUCKS. (Ohhh, this guy sure thinks he's something. He sure pwned us didn't he? He surely did win.)

(Insert picture of crying baby.)


So just grow up and do your jobs.

You make it sound like they aren't doing their job. You could have saved yourself some time as well as that anger, hatred and condensation that is eating at you if you weren't so willfully blind and deaf.

The Republicans ARE doing their job. Their job is to oppose an out of control government and bring it back to center and according to the constitution. Call it being a check and balance of the over reaching Democrats.

Now, that you and the other liberals have decided that the minority party's job is to rubber stamp the decisions made by the majority party, remember that when the Republicans are the majority party. It is coming.

edited to change the last paragraph. I didn't remember that I had that (first line stuff) in the last paragraph too and didn't get it changed.

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Useless tool thinks he is witty. He wasn't factual or even mildly amusing.

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Yes and our jobs are feeding, clothing, and taking care of the medical needs of liberals. this ox is getting tired of pulling your cart!

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Where was their ire and indignation when the DEMS were the ones holding up Bush's appointees???