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Average Voter
04-02-2010, 03:59 PM
Important news regarding the new healthcare legislation passed into law by President Obama.

The original bill’s language for Death Panel governance was deemed too restrictive. Therefore, revised language in the Managers Amendment to the Senate Health Care bill provides for more relaxed regulation for individuals seeking permission to die. New language now requires that all person’s must modify their will to leave a portion of their estate to SEIU. Individuals are now required to bequeath the greater of $10,000 or 5% of their estate to SEIU before being granted license to engage in a death event (i.e., permitted to die). However, there is an exemption for low income individuals provided they ‘volunteer’ a minimum of 1500 hours service to ACORN or AmeriCorps, provided the hours of service occur subsequent to the application to die (HHS form 13-666) and the occurrence of the death event

The new law also regulates persons attempting to die intestate. The new Federal intestacy law determines who will receive the property of intestate decedents. This new Federal law supersedes State law. The general rules are as follows:

A. If spouse survives, no children:
• If no parents, $10K to SEIU, $5K to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, balance to spouse.
• If parents, the first $50K to SEIU, then remaining amount distributed 20% to spouse, 20% to parents, and 60% to AFL/CIO pension fund.

B. If spouse survives, also children:
• If spouse is parent of all the children, then the first $10K SEIU, the balance 50% to spouse and 50% in trust to children; where the Democratic National Committee will be the sole trustee of the children’s portion and may be distributed or ‘invested’ at trustee’s sole discretion.
• If spouse is not the parent of all the children, first $20K SEIU, then 25% to spouse and 75% to children to be held in trust by the DNC (see above).

C. If children survive, no spouse: all to children, equally, to be held in trust by the DNC (see above).

D. If neither spouse nor children survive:
• If parents, then 50% to SEIU and 50% to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
• If no parents, then 25% to SEIU, 25% to Center for American Progress, then balance equally distributed to ‘worthy’ organizations as directed by the House Democratic Whip.
• If no issue of parent, then to 50% to National Endowment of the Arts and 50% National Public Radio.
• If none of the above, to Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago

Please note that "non-probate" property is not controlled by these rules. Joint property will pass to the surviving joint owner. Life insurance and pension will go to the designated beneficiary as determined by the Democratic National Committee.