View Full Version : "Obama is willing to do more damage to the U.S. economy than Iran's"

04-09-2010, 11:11 AM
Limbaugh: "Obama is willing to do more damage to the U.S. economy than Iran's" (NAILED IT!)

RUSH: How can this be? How in the world could this have happened? For the life of me, folks, I can't figure it out. "Jobless Claims Increase Unexpectedly." Who knew? I mean, I thought the most recent report we had was that 162,000 new jobs were created and the recovery was in full steam and we're going to come back to glory, and now this? "The Labor Department said Thursday that first-time claims increased by 18,000 in the week ending April 3, to a seasonally adjusted 460,000. Thatís worse than economistsí estimates of a drop to 435,000." Of course, here comes the excuse, there's always an excuse. "Easter can be difficult since the Easter holiday occurs in different weeks each year." I'll tell you, they're brain-dead. The media is totally brain-dead. They're going outta business right before our very eyes and they don't care.

"Slightly more than 5.8 million people were receiving extended benefits in the week ended March 20, the latest data available, a drop of about 230,000 from the previous week. The extended benefit data isn't seasonally adjusted and is volatile from week to week." These are the ones that don't count. We're not even factoring the people here who have given up looking for work, we never do in this report, which is called the U3. CNN: "Jobless Claims Soar." Drudge has a great headline and picture. He's got Obama smiling big time with the Russians as he's signing this worthless -- well, it's not worthless, this stupid arms reduction treaty over there in wherever he is, and the headline is: "Phone Home: Jobless Claims Rise Again." Obama with a big excrement-eating grin on his face. "The number of Americans filing for unemployment insurance for the first time jumped last week. ... Continuing claims data exclude people whose benefits expired or those who have moved to state or federal extensions. It reflects those filing each week after their initial claim until the end of their standard benefits, which usually last 26 weeks." What 26 weeks, we're up to 99 now, and they'll be extended again.

Folks, look, don't misunderstand here. I'm not joyous about this. I'm crushed by this. I am so angry by this I can't describe it, 'cause all of this is by design. All of this is. Where is Obama's laser-like focus on the economy and jobs? It doesn't exist. Here from MessNBC: "Study: 1.2 million households lost to recession -- As friends and families double up, 'overcrowding' is up fivefold." What recovery? This is basically 1.2 million people who are homeless. You realize homelessness never even exists usually during a Democrat regime. Homelessness is exclusively a Republican presidential problem, but they can't even hide this.