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04-10-2010, 06:18 PM
"the Dumb Shit pirates used AK-47'S and RPG'S, Ashland used only two rounds from their MK-38 25mm gun.":rolleyes:

"25mm gun ..The M242 Bushmaster is a 25 mm (25x137mm) chain-fed auto_cannon
It is an externally powered, chain driven, single-barrel weapon which may be fired in semi-automatic or automatic modes. It is fed by a metallic link belt and has dual-feed capability. The term "chain gun" derives from the use of a roller chain that drives the bolt back and forth.

The gun can destroy lightly armored vehicles and aerial targets (such as helicopters and slow-flying aircraft). It can also suppress enemy positions such as exposed troops, dug-in positions, and occupied built-up areas. The standard rate of fire is 200 rounds per minute. The weapon has an effective range of 3,000 meters, depending on the type of ammunition used.
# MK210 High Explosive Incendiary with Tracer
* Used by the U. S. Navy in their Mk38 naval weapon system.

# M919 Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot With Tracer.
* The APFSDS-T round penetrates light armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery, and aerial targets, which includes helicopters and slow-moving fixed-wing aircraft. It is identical to the M791 Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot with Tracer except in its quality of being fin-stabilized, and that the dart is made of depleted uranium.

A Norfolk-based landing ship dock has captured six pirates after being fired upon in the Gulf of Aden, the Navy announced today.

It is the fourth confrontation by the Navy with pirates in the past two weeks and the second time in that span that pirates have opened fire on a U.S. Navy vessel. The Navy said 21 suspected pirates are now in U.S. custody from those incidents.

Suspected pirates fired at the port side of the Ashland about 380 miles off the coast of Djibouti, the Navy said. The Navy ship returned fire with its 25mm gun, catching the skiff on fire, the Navy said. The crew abandoned the vessel, and the Navy rescued the men from the water.

They are being held on the Ashland. No one on the Ashland, based at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, was injured, and no apparent damage was done.

Earlier this month, the destroyer Nicholas was fired upon by pirates, five of whom were captured. In a separate incident, the destroyer McFaul intervened in a suspected pirate attack, detaining 10.

Last week, the destroyer Farragut was called to the scene of a Sierra Leone-flagged tanker after the ship came under attack by three pirate skiffs. One of the skiffs was sunk, and 11 men were allowed to leave.


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Why are they allowing the scumbags to leave? Sink them and send them to Davy Jones' Locker.

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Why are they allowing the scumbags to leave? Sink them and send them to Davy Jones' Locker.PC don't Cha Know.Musn't hurt their widdle feelings !