View Full Version : Schauer in Coldwater [Bye bye Marky Mark]

04-10-2010, 08:13 PM
was a hostile standing room only crowd in Coldwater that greeted and at times jeered Representative Mark Schauer yesterday afternoon as the Seventh District Congressman attempted to find support for the recently passed healthcare reform bill which Schauer voted in favor of.

However, most of those in the audience at the Burnside Senior Center would have none of that and peppered Schauer with questions about how the government can afford to pay for the reform measure.


Just because are bodies donít work well, and our hair is silver or gray doesnít mean we forgot how to read or are stupid.

$523 BILLION MEDICARE CUT & GUT, HOWíS THAT HOPE & CHANGE WORKING....That is the new bumper sticker on my car.
Iím just surprised the sleazy bastard didnít tell them that they were old and going to die soon so they wouldnít have to worry about paying for it.
Probably to afraid of all those canes and walkers! Iím educating old people as I find them, while out shopping. I carry the Washington Post story about the cut & gut of Medicare.......thatís all it takes.

Report: Bill would reduce senior care Medicare cuts approved by House may affect access to providers

Most of the intelligent individuals have left that God forsaken burned over rust bucket section of Michigan for better States with Jobs, those that are left still think there is some good Democrats left to vote for (aka:blue dog democrats), when it reality those Democrats aren't nothing more then yellow bellied demoncrates doing the bidding of Socialist Democrats like Obama. I guess that ice fishing out in the cold, and the boat fishing out in the heat has damaged their brains to much to keep them from voting for something good.

04-11-2010, 01:22 PM
The only part of this bill so far I would favor is the cutting and gutting of Medicare and Medicade. I don't like using the attack of socialist programs that should not exist, to justify my disapproval of a larger Socialist program.