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04-18-2010, 03:24 PM

A lot of yelling at tea party
By Stephen Milligan
The Walton Tribune

Published April 18, 2010
Tax Day has come and gone, taking with it any money we hadnít already handed over to the government. Ink-stained tax sheets are gone, receipts put away again and bank accounts smaller than they were before (unless you were lucky enough to get a refund, in which case, I donít like you very much right now).

In this brave new world we live in, Tax Day also brought out the tea party supporters, the angry Americans who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

Iíve written about the tea party before ó at the time, I dismissed them as crackpots and malcontents who would yell a little bit, feel better about themselves and then go home.

It turns out I was somewhat wrong. While the tea party, like all large groups, does have its share of crackpots (anyone who dresses up in a powdered wig for a protest is a little screwy), the group has had more staying power than I expected. Whether itís the continuing poor performance of the economy, the health care debate, the rantings of right-wing ideologues or a combination of all of it, the tea party has remained remarkably cohesive since it first started yelling at the government.

However, no matter how large the Tea Party has grown or how much news coverage it continues to attract, the group is still doing little more than yelling. And sometimes the individuals arenít even yelling the same things.

The tea party organizers have positioned their passive rebellion as a corrective to crooked bureaucracy and impotent government, but the very nature of the tea party has so far left them with little influence.

There is, after all, no national tea party organization, no membership, no roster of participants. Itís a grassroots group gone viral, spreading across the country, but with no central leadership, there is a wild divergence of practice and theory across different sectors of the party.

Some people focus on health care, some on taxes. One tea party in Oklahoma advocated organizing an armed militia. Race has been mentioned, and religion, while others have focused on socialism and government spending. The birthers show up occasionally, as do conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and other undesirables.

One canít judge the tea party by a few bad apples, just as liberals arenít all represented by tree-hugging hippies and vegan pot smokers. But, as the wide range of ideas above shows, the tea party has no real platform, no list of demands, just an inchoate rage directed against a government these people feel has betrayed them.

ok, so, when have we had the chance to do anything other than protest. On top of that, all this jerks in the media did for 8 years of Bush was praise the protesters. MORE Libtard hypocracy