View Full Version : Rest in Peace.... soldiers of the Korean Ship

04-19-2010, 04:16 AM
The korean navy ship was sunk and dozens of sailor were killed
Their average age was only 24. So young yet all perished.
Among the dead, 8 sailors' body were even missing.

The combined investigation team of the military and the civilian started to look for clues and 130 investigators from US, Britain, Sweden, Australia came to help the cause.

Up to this moment, the investigation team failed to find the cause behind the destruction of the ship. The only thing they found was that the ship was affected by an extraneous shock wave, ie a torpedo . Still, the team is not sure and it is continuing the search.

Some are accusing North Korea. Since there is no hard evidence, it is difficult to say who was behind this sinister plot, so let's hope the investigation team finds out who is responsible for this.

Let's pay our respect ot the 46 brave and loyal sailors who perished in the cold waters.