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Maple Leafs Fan
04-24-2010, 08:58 PM
So the "progressive" and "secular" members of DU are out in force defending their favourite religion from the mocking humour of the TV show South Park. Comedy Central censored the latest episode after a video was put up on the internet explaining why any episode with a Mohammed joke was likely to lead to violence.

Naturally, the members of DU defended their favourite religion, starting with TheBigot:

TheBigotBasher (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-24-10 04:13 PM
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I know let's all draw pictures of Jesus having sex with Satan.
Why don't we add some picture of Jesus with a bomb as his head? Hey that will not upset people.

Then we could all draw pictures of Jesus and the pope having sex with choir boys. Better still why not send the pictures to the Vatican and copy the Catholic League into it.

Then when we are finished annoying Christians we could all send bacon sandwiches to the local synagogue. The smell of cold bacon will really convince them to see the error of their ways and convert to good ol' America is #1 Christianity and love of free speech.

Following the ideas of some nut promoting what is in effect a hate campaign will people no where.

This is not about free speech - it is about common sense.

Comedy Central was stupid for censoring South Park. That does not mean that people should go and offend others just because Comedy Central was stupid, it is stupid every day. I only watch it for the Daily Show and South Park.


superduperfarleft (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-24-10 07:27 PM
e to Reply #73
76. No, but like most non-sociopaths, I unconsciously check my behavior for what is appropriate and
what might not be. That includes not going out of my way to offend someone, unless I'm on the internet and somebody posts something that I think is stupid, in which case all bets are off.

But whatever, all of you are free to support a campaign that might offend billions of people who already see the west as mistreating them, all because some random yahoo on a messageboard posted a "threat." Your activism is truly unmatched. George Washington would howl with jealousy. Thomas Jefferson would kiss your feet. Paul Revere would polish your knob. Patriots, all of you, true patriots. :tear:

bet he had lots of Bushiter posts......

sandnsea (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-24-10 06:02 PM
Response to Reply #46
52. It is due to offensiveness to the religion
Not because Comedy Central is afraid of any threat.

Again, violence and religion go together in this country like cake and icing. Why pick on Muslims?

Don't know, maybe the large gaping hole in downtown New York

oh wait.....non-believer alert:

QC (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-24-10 06:33 PM
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58. It's a strange way to bash bigots, isn't it?
Edited on Sat Apr-24-10 06:35 PM by QC
Accommodating their every whim equals bashing?

and it ends....

cbayer (1000+ posts) Sat Apr-24-10 07:33 PM
Response to Original message
77. Locking
We have decided to lock threads about this topic. They have led to some seriously intolerant/insensitive posts about Muslims, which is not permitted here.

DU Moderator

Do you think ANY thread in DU history was locked from "seriously intolerant/insensitive posts about Christians" ????

04-24-2010, 09:08 PM
DUmmys are idiots.

How does the OP equate showing Mo in a bear suit with sending bacon sandwhiches to a synagogue? Idiots.

But whatever, all of you are free to support a campaign that might offend <snip>It's such a shame when that pesky first amendment keeps getting in the way of things you don't like. waaaahhh.

MLF: Going forward, include the DU link.

Maple Leafs Fan
04-24-2010, 10:09 PM


movie buff
04-25-2010, 03:30 PM
Most of what TheBigotBasher talked about, in terms of going out of your way to offend Christians, are already pretty much done by Comedy Central and other such liberal entertainment networks. I mean, South Park blasphemed Jesus and insulted Christians in every way imaginable for years (And that's not counting the relentless Christian- bashing on their other, even more execrable animated shows they've had in the past, like 'Li'l Bush' and especially 'Drawn Together') without the Comedy Central Suits so much as batting an eye, but at the same time, mildly parodying Mohammad is apparently to them a horrible abomination which they wouldn't dare show. That, my friends, is called "Hypocrisy."

04-25-2010, 06:07 PM
DainBramaged (1000+ posts) Sun Jan-11-09 08:41 AM
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124. Why is it when it comes to pretty much everything, when DU speaks, stupid comes out?


As for the hypocrisy, Christians are the last bastion of legal discrimination in this country.