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04-27-2010, 12:38 PM
Reid to force repeated votes to end filibuster of Wall Street reform

By Alexander Bolton – 04/26/10

Sen. Harry Reid will force Republicans to vote repeatedly against Wall Street reform to put pressure GOP centrists.

A senior Democratic aide said Reid would schedule votes to end a Republican filibuster of the reform bill on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

“We need to keep the pressure up to get a deal,” said the Democratic aide.

Reid held a live quorum call on Monday evening to bring senators to the floor, interrupting their schedules and sending a message to lawmakers who voted to block debate of Wall Street reform.

Thirty-nine Republicans and Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative Democrat from Nebraska, voted against a motion to begin debate.

Reid also voted against the motion because of a procedural technicality that will allow him to bring up for reconsideration.

Democratic aides said Reid would call senators to reconsider the motion to begin debate of the reform bill on Tuesday.

Reid also plans to file a motion Monday evening to end the GOP filibuster. That would set up a third vote on Wednesday to end the filibuster.

A second Democratic aide said leaders wanted to focus public attention on GOP “obstruction.” …


Another pony and dog show from the dims, to make the GOP look like they are defending Wall-street from 'Needed' reform.

04-27-2010, 12:59 PM
Reid still shoveling crap down our throats. C Ya retard. You're fired!:mad: