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Rebel Yell
04-29-2010, 05:17 PM
For my fellow Georgians.....

Ray on Taxes

I support the abolition of both income and property taxes and the replacement of them with a state sales tax. It is my belief that any graduated tax based upon income is Marxist and should be repudiated. For this reason, vigilance must be maintained in order to make sure that whatever sales tax is put into place should not be tied to income in any way, including the use of rebates; it should be a straightforward simple tax. A man is entitled to his land and the fruits of his labour, and these rights come from God, not government. Indeed, any man who may lose his land for failure to pay his taxes is no more than a serf who is "renting" his land from the overlord and is, therefore, not a "free" man in a real sense; and any man who has the fruits of his labour taken away against his will in differing proportion to his neighbors is the victim of thievery.

Therefore, I propose first a reduction in the size and role of government, back within the confines of our original founding principles; then, for those legitimate financial necessities which still exist, a uniform sales tax is sufficient. The sales tax should exempt necessities such as food and medicine and should not require the use of any identification card, number, or other mark from the buyer. In short, the tax will be voluntary in that an individual will only be liable for the taxes on those items that he elects to purchase.

In so doing, freedom will be restored, privacy will be protected, and the great American entrepreneurial spirit will be rekindled in the hearts of Georgians everywhere.

I was on the Oxendine bandwagon......until I did my homework on this guy.