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05-14-2010, 11:13 PM
Dress Use #10: Dog Toy

My blog has been up and running for less than a week now and I think the amount of interest it has generated suggests something could actually come from this. I appreciate all the comments, dress use suggestions, and criticisms of the site. One question that has come up often is whether or not my ex-wife knows about what I am up to with the dress she left behind. The answer to that is NO. As far as I know she is not aware of what I have been up to or the reality that the product of my sense of humor and unusual method of healing is now available for the entire world to see. With the way information flows online these days I have to think it can only be a matter of days now before she gets wind of my blog.

I will be totally honest and admit that I have mixed emotions about this project of mine. I find a lot of the photos and the videos to be very funny and I think other people going through similar times will appreciate them. I think all of this has been very therapeutic for me and I still think my original goal of publishing a book has potential. I am not doing this to hurt my ex-wife but I am afraid that it will. I have thought about telling her myself, so that she doesn't have to hear about it from somebody else, but I haven't done that yet. Because we care for our kids together I am in contact with her almost every day. Every time I see a note from her in my inbox or hear her ringtone (the iphone duck) I am prepared for the worst. I hope she is able to not take this too seriously.

My brother's dog loves to play tug-of-war. I think most dogs do but Lenny is a particularly worthy competitor. We had some fun in my backyard with Dress Use #10.


Outstanding dog pic. Don't miss the Gas Cap post.

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