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05-21-2010, 06:31 AM
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May 21, 2010 - 4:19PM

Michelle Obama was put in an embarrassing position during a school visit when a seven-year-old girl said her mother was an illegal immigrant and asked if Barack Obama would deport her.

The encounter came during a trip to a primary school with Margarita Zavala, the first lady of Mexico, designed to promote Mrs Obama's campaign against childhood obesity.
During the visit at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School outside Washington, the girl told the first lady that her mother believed "President Barack Obama was taking everybody away that doesn't have papers".

When Mrs Obama responded that "this was something we have to work on", the girl replied: "But my mom doesn't have papers." Mrs Obama replied: "We have to fix that. Everybody's got to work together in Congress to make sure that happens."Perish the thought that she might actually say that the child and her parents have broken the law and should be deported

The school visit came shortly after the Obamas had welcomed Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, and his wife to the White House, where both leaders denounced a tough new law passed in Arizona intended to deter illegal immigration across its border with Mexico.Oblahblah...protect the borders...riiighttttt :rolleyes:

The US president is under growing pressure from Left-wing Democrats and the Hispanic lobby to introduce a reform bill that includes an effective amnesty for illegal immigrants. But he is unwilling to risk such a controversial move with congressional elections six months away.After November, he'll be lucky to get anything through Congress.

The girl's question was a sharp reminder of the intensely personal nature of the issue. Though children born in the US to illegal immigrants automatically become citizens, their parents are always vulnerable to deportation.Revoke the "anchor baby" provision and throw them all out.

Jane Litchko, the head teacher at the school, declined to identify the child and said the school did not inquire about the immigration status of families. "We serve every child who comes through the door," she said. "We don't ask that kind of question."Oh it will be...

About two thirds of her students speak a language other than English. The Department of Homeland Security made it clear that the girl's family would not be investigated.So is the media reporting that a FEDERAL AGENCY is not investigating an admitted ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT? On whose orders?

The remarks provided fresh ammunition for Mr Obama's critics. Rush Limbaugh, a talk show host, joined Right-wing bloggers in assuming that the question had been "planted" to raise sympathy for illegal immigrants.No sympathy here.

Evict 'em all.