View Full Version : Obama to give Israel $205 million in weapons funding.

05-28-2010, 08:51 PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The House of Representatives approved President Barack Obama's request for $205 million to spur Israel's production of a system to counter short-range rockets of the type used by Hamas and Hezbollah.

The authorization for the extra funding was part of a defense spending bill that would provide $726 billion next year for U.S. national defense programs, including funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The House gave the bill final passage on Friday by a vote of 229 to 186.

The Senate Armed Services Committee likewise voted to provide $205 million for the Israeli system, known as "Iron Dome," panel chairman Carl Levin told reporters on Friday. Levin said he hoped his committee's bill would reach the Senate floor before the July 4 Independence Day recess.

A congressional staff member said the request for the funding "seems to have come directly from the commander in chief," Obama. It was not entirely clear what prompted it.

Produced by Israeli state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., Iron Dome uses small radar-guided missiles to blow up Katyusha-style rockets with ranges of between 3 miles and 45 miles, as well as mortar bombs, in mid-air.


I think Obama needs a lesson in Moral Clarity. :D

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Gator will be pleased.

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Did they give us the money?

Then consider me not pleased as well.