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08-08-2008, 12:25 PM
Obama's Ageless Hippies

Woodstock was nothing more than kids with no responsibilities acting irresponsibly.

Who could forget the ethereal quality of the Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix?
The methamphetamine smile of Richie Havens?
Sly and the Family Stone taking everybody higher - as if that were necessary?
The pulsing riffs of Carlos Santana?

Or the wonderfully wacky, Wavy Gravy?
It was Woodstock - where a half million people gathered for three days of peace, love, and music.
Well, not quite.

There was certainly music and sex. However, the Woodstock nation was not such a tranquil group - at least they weren't until the controlled-substances kicked in. They almost rioted - which is why it became a free event.

If there is any significance about Woodstock, it is the symbolic irony of it. The Woodstock audience was composed of enlightened and compassionate liberals - at least that is what they thought of themselves. They claimed they wanted to feed the poor and help the helpless. Many are now academics, politicians, "civil libertarians" and "social activists."

One of the myths about Woodstock is that it was an altruistic affair. Woodstock was about profits. It was also about a jejune generation who needed a bailout, from the very people they despised, because they were incapable of providing for themselves.

John Roberts, the Ivy League heir to the Polident fortune, was one of the financiers. He and his partners called their business "Woodstock Ventures," a strictly profit-making enterprise.

Max Yasgur, whose farm was the location of the event and whose name was immortalized in song, was anything but a simple dairy farmer. He was an NYU graduate and, according to one source, one of the wealthiest farmers in the area. He also walked away with $75,000 or about $300,000 in current dollars. Not bad for the three-day rental of 600 idle acres.?

The Who was paid the then unheard of sum of $12,000. Three other acts refused to perform until they were paid upfront. The promoters had to get an advance from a local banker on a Saturday night.?One other thing, Woodstock was not an event for the poor. ?A ticket was approximately 18 bucks, at a time when the minimum wage was a $1.60. When factoring the travel expenses and, of course, the drugs, attending the concert was at least a week's pay - something the average working class or poor American could not afford to forsake. ?

"I remember building a fire one morning for breakfast. All we had was hot dogs and spaghetti," a Woodstock alumnus waxed nostalgically in a Woodstock 25th anniversary magazine article several years ago.??Yet, a few hundred miles away from the concert lived people who would have loved to have had hot dogs and spaghetti for breakfast. They would have loved breakfast. Over $2 million was spent staging Woodstock (about $10 million today), which would have bought many a breakfast in Appalachia.?Woodstock alumni are now Obama campaign workers.

They are the people Sen. Barack Obama was talking about when he said, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."?Yet, the Woodstock audience could not feed themselves - let alone the poor. Woodstockers needed to rely on the very people they hated - the establishment - to feed them. Specifically, they needed those warmongering, baby - killing, murdering monsters of the military, which dropped food from helicopters, so the mud coated Woodstockers could eat.

How ironic, the membership of the antiwar movement then, who now campaign for Mr. Obama and lead the antiwar movement now, depended on the National Guard for food! The very same people, who derided the National Guard as being "Chickenhawks," during the 2004 campaign, needed them to survive because they could not feed themselves.

What incredible incongruity it is that those who now drool over Mr. Obama, who want to plan every aspect of the American economy, and who want to control every facet of American society - could not even plan a rock concert.

After a three day concert, Woodstock looked like post-Katrina New Orleans. The site was declared a disaster area.

The concert exposed the hypocrisy, selfishness, and incompetence of the Left. Half a million people spent money and took food that could have been donated to the poor - just so they could have a good time. Indeed, the only money donated was to Abbie Hoffman's fanatics and only because they extorted it by threatening to disrupt the concert.?

Some people want to erect a monument to Woodstock. Hillary Clinton obtained federal funding for it. What is there to venerate? Woodstock was nothing more than kids with no responsibilities acting irresponsibly. snip