View Full Version : YouTube - Barack Obama's wife plays race card on '60 Minutes'

08-08-2008, 12:36 PM
YouTube video of Obama's wife talking about Barack as a target of assassination.

1.) COLB
Proven fake by more than one source
2.) Sketchy childhood
We know some details - Lots of gaps
3.) College thesis has vanished
Was it anything like Micheleís?
4.) Overseas travel
Pakistan? Why?
5.) Law records
What cases did he represent?
6.) Senate records disappeared
What was he trying to hide?
7.) Associations
Rev Wright, Ayers, Michele etc.
8.) Senate voting record
That speaks for itself
10) Iím clinging to my guns and religion

Ten reasons not to vote for Obama


08-08-2008, 11:01 PM
The only way that Obama will get shot going to the gas station is if he is getting gas in New Orleans (I am from NO).
And ironically, if he did get shot, it would be by a black person.

The race card is so overused by those two. It is ridiculus.

P.S. Does any one else notice Michelle's "five-head"