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06-07-2010, 12:59 PM
June 06, 2010
Health Care Statists on the March
By Andrew Foy, MD
The American Medical Association's top journal publishes an article calling for startling change to our medical and political system.

Not content with passage of recent health care reform, doctors Samuel Sessions and Allan Detsky suggest that US citizens ignore the literal meaning of the Constitution. This would allow health reformers to transform the US medical system with fewer roadblocks.

Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), they conclude their piece:

"Further health care reform will almost certainly be needed for both budget and health policy reasons. The Constitution is here to stay, but a better and more critical understanding of how it operates today, not in 1789, may help the United States achieve these reforms."1

In the commentary however, Sessions and Detsky provide no detail on the reforms "needed for both budget and health policy reasons."1 To better understand the reforms they advocate one must examine the Blue Sky Health Initiative who "provided suggestions regarding the topic of the manuscript."1

According to Blue Sky's mission statement:

"We believe the solution isn't to tinker with our current system; it's to pursue a fundamentally new approach. We need transformational reform."2

Considering the state of our current health care system, which is a private-public hybrid, transformational reform would require going either extensively in the direction of a free market system or in the opposite direction of total government control. Blue Sky favors the ladder. Their website goes on to state:

"We know that things like access to healthy foods, recreational opportunities, clean air and water, education, living conditions, family life and so much more affect the quality and longevity of our lives. In fact, scientists now agree that what happens outside a doctor's office has a far greater impact on health than what happens inside."2

The people at Blue Sky aren't content to just overhaul the medical-decision making process (decisions that occur between you and your doctor) but seek to regulate the foods you eat, the recreational opportunities you partake in, the quality of your environment, the house you live in and the decisions you make with your family in order to carry out their fundamental transformation.

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