View Full Version : Paralyzing American Power

06-13-2010, 10:43 PM

The vision outlined in the 2010 National Security Strategy invites the grip of paralysis to render American power unresponsive to the threats of the 21st century. Sacrificing national sovereignty, committing to international wealth redistribution, and institutionalizing blindness on the nature of jihad and Sharia Law, the 2010 NSS represents a gross misreading of "the world as it is."

The aspirations set forth in the 52-page NSS released this May intentionally shape U.S. domestic and foreign policy around a global integration agenda. Defining the 9/11 attacks as a "transformative event" that revealed the "dark side" of globalization to the American people, the strategy aims to position the United States as the intellectual leader of a new international order that "promotes a just peace" and facilitates collective action to meet the challenges of our times. To strengthen the admittedly flawed architecture of international institutions and their capacity to enforce international norms and the rule of law, a global engagement initiative serves as the central pillar of the Obama administration's plan to secure America.........

.....the global jihadist movement, which has perpetrated over 15,000 attacks worldwide since 9/11, has been reduced to a second-tier threat to America along with cyber-attacks, failing states, regional and international crime networks, food insecurity, pandemic disease, and...climate change.

The decision to elevate climate change to the threat level of jihadist terrorism amounts to a mockery of reason..............