View Full Version : Barack Obama Sundae Recipe

06-21-2010, 03:51 PM
Start with one fancy dessert glass

Add 1 heaping scoop of cold calculated liberal blabbering bulll shit

Sprinkle with an equal amount of sugar coated lies and sweet false promises

Top with whipped up Liberal Media Frenzy Fluff

Garnish with 1 black cherry

Serve immediately to unsuspecting, uninformed, clueless citizen

Note: If this recipe is followed to a T with no deviation this cancerous

culinary concoction will be so inviting and irresistible to the average

gullible American he will swallow it whole and will be clamoring for extra

helpings one after another until (as the old saying goes “You are what you

eat”) he himself turns into a pile of liberal blabbering bulll shit. You can then

scoop him into more fancy dessert glasses repeating the same recipe over

and over again without ever running out of ingredients.

Bon Appetit!