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06-25-2010, 12:25 PM
Apple's Al Gore Problem

Apple is well known for the censorship of its products, so that no x-rated apps find there way onto Apple products. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called the censorship "freedom from porn".

How strict is Apple censorship? When the Wi-Fi-equipped version of the iPad went on sale two and a half months ago, Apple demanded European magazines cover up scantily clad models for the app editions and cracked down on dictionary applications containing 'objectionable' words, reports DailyFinance.com.

Now Apple is in the situation of having on its Board of Directors, Al Gore, who has been accused of sexual assault. Not only has he been accused of the assault, but the accuser alleges that Gore asked her to enter the bedroom of his hotel room to listen to a song on an iPod, while he bragged about his affiliation with Apple.
I called Apple a number of times and asked three questions:

Will the company ask Gore to resign his director's position?

If not, will the company at least question Gore about the allegations?

Does the company have any specific comment on Gore allegedly using an iPod as a pretext to lure a female into a hotel bedroom and his allegedly discussing his affiliation with Apple while attempting to coax the woman into the bedroom?

Apple has not returned calls seeking answers to these questions. Thus the question remains, does Apple censorship stop with its customers, or will they investigate the accusations against a member of its board that go far beyond "freedom from porn" and enter the realm of an alleged sexual assault?

Bottom line, given Apple's stance on "freedom from porn," the company without question now has an Al Gore problem. An explanation from Gore, or a Gore resignation, seem to be the only options that Apple must call for to maintain the integrity of their anti-porn stance. Or does Apple's position on decency stop at the Board Room door?


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I notice that wilbur has been laying low lately . . . . ;)

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I notice that wilbur has been laying low lately . . . . ;)

He's busy looking a porn on his Droid. :D

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iPod. The new roofie.