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08-10-2008, 09:03 AM

Aussie troops capture Taliban leader

August 10, 2008 05:43pm

AUSTRALIAN special forces have caught a Taliban leader behind a host of bomb attacks in Afghanistan's Oruzgan province, potentially dealing a blow to future terrorist assaults.

Note to our 'esteemed" (ha ha) admin: The "chickenshit Aussies" just put a major crimp in the Taliban's plans, and this guy will be an intel goldmine.

No no no, that's okay, you can thank us later

The Defence Department today revealed that the elite Australian troops last week captured Mullah Bari Ghul, whom coalition forces believe was a key figure behind extremist operations in the province.

Who will now probably sing like a canary to save his skin.Maybe we'll keep him, maybe we'll turn him over to the Afghanis..and let them deal with him their way.

Details of the capture were not immediately available. Defence described Bari Ghul as a key figure in providing equipment, money and foreign fighters to extremist operations in Oruzgan province.

One in the bag.Okay folks, where ya want him? Oruzgan? Gitmo?

They also believe him to be involved in coordinating the actions of individual insurgent cells. Defence spokesman Brigadier Brian Dawson said his capture was likely to have an immediate disruptive impact on extremists operating in the province.

A nice way of saying that the Taliban will be saying "Oh fuck, they got him, RUN!!!!"

"The loss of the one person who knew what was currently underway, what was planned for the future and had the contacts to gain further support is a significant blow to the Taliban extremists command and control in the province,'' Brigadier Dawson said.

Translation: this guy knows a fuckload..this is REALLY going to be fun.

According to Defence, Bari Ghul carried out the role of a "shadow governor'', responsible for authorising bomb attacks across the province. "Extremist cells in Afghanistan operate in small isolated groups and only a few key individuals have any sense of the overall provincial insurgency plan,'' Brigadier Dawson said.

Translation: He's a big fish. Grabbing ghis guy is going to hurt them badly...and he cant go home because the first question they will ask is "why did you let them take you alive?"

He suggested that Bari Ghul could be ultimately responsible for the roadside blasts which killed Signaller Sean McCarthy last month and Trooper David Pearce last October.

Translation: He is surrounded by a lot of very pissed off Aussies, and it will be very beneficial to his health if he starts talking NOW

"Mullah Bari Ghul was directly responsible for the importation of componentry, the provision of specialists in the construction of IEDs and authorising their emplacement across the province,'' Brigadier Dawson said.

Translation: He planted em and he knows who put em there, and where they are. Thsi is going to save a lot of lives.

"He was also ultimately responsible for the July 13 suicide bomber attack in the Deh Rawood bazaar that killed 21 Afghans and injured a further 12 (people).'' Bari Ghul has been transported to Tarin Kowt, the capital of the province, and is being held in a Dutch detention facility.

I am not sure of how to say this in Dutch but

Red is positive.
Black is negative.
Make sure his balls are wet.

Message from the Australian special forces to the Taliban: Be seeing you...REAL SOON.

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