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07-14-2010, 04:17 PM
Every day, about 30,000 commercial flights take to the skies over the U.S., and in pretty much every seat-back pocket, in front of every passenger, is a copy of SkyMall. It's our shared commonality, the jetliner equivalent of the Gideon Bible, but with more golden calves.

Gadget lovers and gadget haters alike can ogle the goods, and turn up their noses at the manufacturers' suggested retail prices, but none can look away. Some even buy the stuff, and report back expressing joy or rage in colorful customer reviews. And so, in the spirit of summer, I present the seven most ridiculous pool gadgets to be found in SkyMall's pages.

...Mermaid swim fins

As a parent, I am not sure that the best way for my kid to "build confidence in the water" is to tie her feet together. That's not to say a kid aged 12 or under with a certain degree of experience might not get something out of this $30 novelty. And hey, if your son or daughter isn't into the mermaid schtick, there's also a shark-fin model. But for now I'm going to enforce the one-foot-per-fin rule with my daughter. At least until she's a certified scuba diver. $29.99 ...

All round to SR's house for water table tennis! :D

07-15-2010, 03:46 AM
I'll be checking out an issue of SkyMall tomorrow when I hit the sky!

Mini vacation in Nebraska followed by two nights in a Suite in Las Vegas.

Life is good, very good.