View Full Version : Socialism - all about government power

07-19-2010, 06:12 PM


In the oral interview, Ms. Demick makes the point that the latest North Korean "currency correction" had the effect of completely wiping out any savings that anyone may have struggled to put together in the repressive socialist market. It was done for 2 reasons, first, the government needed more money. The quickest way to get it was to declare the current currency worthless...thereby giving the government the power to print all the new money...and as much of it as they needed.

Secondly, it was done because it's a socialist country...and people are not supposed to have the opportunity to earn more than everyone else has. Any kind of market is basically wrong. All food and goods belong to the government and no one is supposed to have anything the government did not supply.

It was a very powerful little interview, especially when found on a leftist news station.

This is the nightmare that could result from the combination of Democratic purchasing of voters, and Democratic destruction of the public school system.

This is the end result that WeeWee and Satan-whosit want.