View Full Version : Stop Talking Quack! - Dems plan a lame duck session to jam through unpopular policies

07-29-2010, 04:04 PM
Job Killing CAP AND TRADE Tax is one of Democrats’ favorite for the Lame Duck Session.

This is what Senator John Kerry in Politico in response to the news that Harry Reid was shelving Cap and Trade legislation:

“No, it’s not dead because we’re going to have a lame-duck session and we have weeks ahead of us,” Kerry said. “And the issue is not going away as I’ve said 100,000 times. So it’s not dead at all.”

“We the People” have spoken out again and again against Cap and Trade that will raise energy costs for every family and business by way of government taxes. The Cap and Trade bill is dead right now because people are terrified of voting for it before an election, but John Kerry is planning on carrying the corpse into law with the help of Congressmen who have already been voted out of office. In John Kerry’s mind, it doesn’t matter what you the voter decide in November, he plans to force his agenda onto Americans against their will during a Lame Duck Session after the election.