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08-01-2010, 07:15 AM
Oh this was a great find.

Blarch (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:28 PM
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Fuck Karl Rove...
and his followers ...the Clinton's.

This is a 'checkmate' issue.

Hillary vows to run her campaign like Karl Rove would ...the campaign then starts lying and swift boating Obama and the Hillary supporters see nothing wrong with this ?

Think about it...The Hillary supporters see nothing wrong with running a Karl Rove like campaign.

But when Rove was running against Kerry...the Hillary supporters were all over Karl Rove for being a slimeball.

Fuck Karl...and his followers....the Clinton's

CatWoman (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:30 PM
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3. actually
there's no need for the thread, either.

DS1 (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:37 PM
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How can you sleep while your meds are burning?

racaulk (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:34 PM
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7. Ba-zing! I'm nominating this one for a DUzy!

Skip Intro (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:34 PM
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9. over the rainbow now, are we?
this is classic Obama crap, tho - he started out his campaign comparing Hillary to bush/cheney, to romney, to goulini, called her untrustworthy - all right off the bat at the outset of the campaign, so you trying to make her out to be some rove groupie just fits right in

the feigned outrage from you guys is so effn rich

rinsd (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 04:37 PM
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14. Speaking of lying
Here's you claiming the Rezko photo was taken in the White House


Here's you claiming Bill Clinton protected Al Queda -http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.ph...

Here's you lying about John Edwards - http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.ph...

:eek: Satanicus lying? Say it's ain't so!

TwilightZone (1000+ posts) Fri Jan-25-08 05:03 PM
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17. Well, hey, at least the OP is an equal-opportunity...



08-01-2010, 08:08 AM
Man, that guy can't find friends on any board. As I said on another thread, he needs to seriously rethink how he interacts with people.