View Full Version : I've been thinking of leaving the DU...

08-02-2010, 01:05 PM
Okay, it's just a Drama Queen head fake, but My God the reasoning is just disturbing.


Omaha Steve (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-01-10 07:59 PM
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I've been thinking of leaving the DU...

My place on the DU is LBN, GD, Choice, GLBT, Energy & Environment, and Labor. Labor is the largest part. I had considered dropping the Labor Forum. I felt the return investment of my time was below the curve.

There been some changes in the DU many have talked about in the light of day. Some have been right. Some have been off base. Many have already left. I miss them all.

We overall are a family with the bond of making the USA better than it has been. Different backgrounds. Different regions of the US. Different thoughts on the direction of the party. Different people. Common bond.

I spent the most part of two days last week when I was busy away from the DU. It was hell.

A crazy person builds castles in the sky, a complete psychotic MORONIC DUmmy actually moves in to the castle.