View Full Version : I Do Believe the Obama Campaign May Have a Big Surprise Come Nomination Day.

08-12-2008, 09:06 PM
Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

I have been reading for some time about Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate controversy. At first I dismissed it because I thought there was no way the Democratic Party would allow someone who is not qualified to run for the office of President.

I now understand that at least half of the state attorney generals in the country will challenge Obama’s residency before certifying his nomination. Lawsuits will be filed to clarify Obama’s birth in the United States.

Until today I simply believed that Obama was born in Hawaii. After doing some research I found it is not so clear cut. Obama may have been born in Canada or even Kenya. The birth certificate he has provided as proof of live birth is flawed. The first one his election team provided had no certification seal. The second had the seal and fold marks.

There is also a “Barrack Hussein Mohamed Obama” born on 23 August 1961 in Canada -- which is where people are saying Obama was really born -- not Hawaii.

The Kenya rumor is one I cannot find anything on. At the time of Obama’s birth, his pregnant mother would have had a hard time getting all the immunizations needed to enter Kenya. So I don't believe this rumor is valid.

I do believe the Obama campaign may have a big surprise come nomination day.