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I support the WTC Mosque
While I understand the anger that many people feel toward building a mosque so close to ground zero, I do believe that it will do more good than harm. More than likely, the opponents of this mosque are right, and it will attract people who spout vehement anti-American/West/Christian rhetoric. That is fine in my book. This is America, where we prize freedom of expression. However, the one thing I am absolutely sure of is this: From the day the mosque is open until the day that we eventually tear it down, there will be a litany of undercover FBI agents and NYPD cops as well as a slew of paid informants ready and able to reveal any potential terrorist plots that are being planned at the mosque. This I think is a good thing, because when we do find out about said plan, we can arrest the who lott of them.

Bloomberg is a genius.

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Ooooooo, BF sounds like a Double Ought Spy!!!! :rolleyes::D

If the idiots of NYC want this, let the dumbfucks have it. Yet
another reason I hate NYC.

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I neither support nor oppose it. I think that the muslims will win the issue in a legal sense and be able to build it, so the opponents risk spending a lot of money and energy that could go to something better on a losing battle.

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Insensitive (bigotry, hate, ridicule, stereotyping) toward certain groups of people.

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There was just way to much free speech goin on here!

ralph wiggum
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43. Locking

Insensitive (bigotry, hate, ridicule, stereotyping) toward certain groups of people.

By that logic, shouldn't EVERY thread about a conservative or a Republican be locked? :confused:

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I want to say that I'm against the mosque being built because the leader himself is not exactly innocent in the connection to terrorism. The mosque shouldn't be built anywhere. However, people who buy property can do what they want to with it. It was up to the person selling land to say no to this.

I do think this will encourage a violent anti-Muslim backlash in the area, which will get Islamic extremists screaming that we're declaring war against Islam. That's what they want.

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. The mosque shouldn't be built anywhere..

Jeeesh. Welcome to America.

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Jeeesh. Welcome to America.

Homo lovers like you supporting building the mosque. Who would have thought.

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Jeeesh. Welcome to America.



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Jeeesh. Welcome to America.

Just because you have the right to do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.

I have the right to make out with my b/f in front of an Aryan Nations rally. . . should I? If I have the sense God gave a flea, no.