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08-15-2010, 05:21 PM
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Steely_Dan (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-15-10 12:34 PM
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About five years ago I remarried into a family that was definitely "right of center." I think one of the reasons my new wife was drawn to me was because I spoke a language that she was not used to hearing. (MoonBat?) A language of tolerance and inclusion. Prior to meeting me, she lived in an environment that was pretty typical of those on the right. I'm not saying that they were (are) wingnuts...far from it. However, my inclusion in this family has been interesting to say the least. (Yep, moonbat.)

My step-daughter and her husband came by to pick up their two toddlers that we were babysitting. The conversation eventually got into politics. I think it was an extension of our touching on the fact that they homeschool their children. This got us on the whole public school system and then quickly into President Obama's presidency.

I must tell you that I surprised myself on how passionately critical I was of the Obama Administration. I was a strong supporter of Mr. Obama and during the campaign contributed both time and money to help him obtain the presidency. I maintained my lonely position as the only "liberal" in the family. However, it was hard for my "right" family members to deny a lot of what I was saying.

The conversation started to get a little heated as I began to express how disappointed I was that our president had (in my opinion) folded on so may issues that were important to me and to a majority of our country. I expressed that my cynicism was complete. That I would no longer trust ANY politician...they are (as most already knew) lying SOB's that have little in common with those of us struggling for justice and a sense of fair play.

It scared the hell out of me that I sounded as angry as I did. I mean, I just became unhinged at the thought that I finally tied my star to someone that I truly believed would at the very least stand on Democratic principles and not, no matter how tough the fight, betray (our) convictions.

I hated...I mean I simply hated to be placed in this position with people that I had long tried to convince of the importance of getting a Democrat into office. It was like my whole relationship with these people was undermined. This angered me more.

As I realized that I was sounding more and more like them, I desperately tried to gather whatever remaining dignity I had and stated something to the following:

I have very little in common with my RW friends. However, I KNOW where THEY are coming from. Nothing they do surprises me because I know who they are. What hurts worse is when my own party abandons the basic tenets that have made the Dems the Party of the People.

I regained my balance and made it clear that I would NEVER vote for a republican.
(So after admitting your Lord O is an empty suit, like we've been telling you, you fired back with the above moronic statement. Well Done!!!!)

I'm sorry that this sounds so depressing. I'm an "old" Democrat. I pride myself on upholding what I truly believe in my soul is the "right thing to do." If that now makes me some sort of radical...then I proudly wear that badge. I refuse to be put out to pasture by those who have never known an FDR or a JFK...Their world starts with Reagan and ends in Bush...with a moderate Dem sandwiched between them. How can they even begin to understand?

I remain a man without a party... (Awwww. But you'll still vote for Obama in 2012.)


08-15-2010, 05:33 PM
Poor Steely_Dan. Unmet expectations are a real pisser, eh?

08-15-2010, 05:35 PM
No spine...
Morning Dew (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-15-10 12:42 PM
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3. Exactly.
I'm comfy being critical or expressing disappointment here or with a few close friends.

In public, though, these lemons are tasty lemonade!

Jackpine Radical (1000+ posts) Sun Aug-15-10 12:46 PM
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4. Right. As I have commented elsewhere,
I lay out and express my problems with Obama only in certain places, and not where anything I say might be construed as an attack from the right. With pollsters, for example, I'm solidly behind Obama and think the country is on the right track.
Uh-huh, yup....

Only the Right attacks Zero... These people have no intelluctual honesty whatsoever :rolleyes:

08-15-2010, 05:37 PM
I mean, I just became unhinged

Uh huh. I have a sneaking suspicion that happened some time ago.

Dan D. Doty
08-16-2010, 12:32 AM
What waste of time, energy and air.

Steely is just going to vote for same people over and over again no matter what happens.

He pissed that reality didn't morph into the fanasty he has playing in his head; and it someone else's fault.

All the Moonbats wanted was to get Obama elected and have Democrats control Congress.

Well they got it, and they're still bitching.

Steely, shut the f*ck already.

08-16-2010, 06:38 AM
just became unhinged

"became"? :rolleyes: