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08-16-2010, 08:22 AM
Gee, well done everyone!!! (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x8953167) :rolleyes:

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Original message Everyone here is succumbing to a right-wing frame

I haven't posted anything about the "mosque" in NYC for two weeks... and with good reason.

The Right wants this relatively meaningless zoning board decision to be a major subject for this fall's election.

And every time we post about it, talk about it, call in to talk radio about... we're helping them frame the fall election.

They are trying to use their "fear" card... again... and we're helping them.

On DU during the primaries, lots of people would post "let it sink!" in relation to threads that were posted with the express purpose of dividing Democrats.

With regards to the mosque thing, we should all LET IT SINK.

But we're not smart enough to do that. We'll keep talking about whatever meaningless issues the Right wants the country to focus on, and we'll ignore the big picture.

They pulled this shit in '04 with the swiftboat crap... they tried in '06 using the "terra!" card. In '08, it was Jeremiah Wright.

In '10... they're going to use the "mosque in NYC!!! Oh noes!!11!!!!" card.

and we'll help them. Because we're stupid that way.

Even though we hold the correct position with respect to this, most of the older, white voters that turn out in disproportionately high numbers in midterm elections do not.

The GOP wants to distract these people from talking about social security, the economy, the corporate lobbyists poisoning Washington, and everything else that actually matters.... so they can divide people by playing to their base emotions with regards to "terra!"

After this post, I don't plan on mentioning the mosque situation again. We're right, they're wrong. It's been decided that the thing is getting built, the situation is over.

Let it sink.

Christ, what a load of steaming BullShit. You morons are doing this all by yourselves. Idiots.