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08-16-2010, 04:37 PM

Orrex (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-16-10 03:22 PM
Original messageDidn't something happen in Pakistan?

I've had CNN on for about 45 minutes, and they only mentioned it for the first time about 15 seconds ago.

Glad that the channel works so hard to keep us informed of world events.

It's a good question and it's true. The floods in Pakistan will probably end up being one of the worst natural disasters of this decade. Certainly at least as damaging in terms of suffering than the earthquake in Haiti. While it's true that it hasn't been completely ignored, it certainly hasn't garnered the urgent attention that the other has.

But what the denizens of the du don't realize, is that they are guilty of the same selective attention to issues that either can, or can't be used for political points, as the media.

If you wandered over to their site during the Haiti disaster, it was a nonstop criticism of the response by the U.S. They were analyzing photos, combing through news reports and arguing about whether U.S. relief efforts were really an "occupation" of the country. They were counting aircraft on the tarmack -- and not realizing the importance of logistics at a small airport -- accusing the military of taking it's time.
Here are a smattering of posts during that time:

lunatica (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-13-10 02:24 PM
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1. Every update is just horrible! I cry with every update

Raschel (1000+ posts) Wed Jan-13-10 02:38 PM
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The babies, the babies, they just showed school children on CNN

Xenotime (1000+ posts) Thu Jan-14-10 11:01 PM
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Why not the same reaction toward Pakistan? The reason was simple. Haitians are black. And anything other than a perfect and speedy response could be used to score all sorts of political points. First and foremost the opportunity to drop the beloved race card. "White people don't care about the Haitians because of their color".
Secondly, a chance to slam the U.S. military and lastly, to compare the response to Katrina and slam Bush again.

This perfectly illustrates a fallability on the far left. Their selective "concern" for those in need is predicated on how much it means to them politically. Either to score some "tolerance" points by making sure to be seen helping groups they've adopted as special interests, or by using the situation to highlight "talking points' they've constructed about those they disagree with. Unfortunately the Pakistan situation doesn't meet that criteria so they aren't all texting to donate money, or engaging in public handwringing about the suffering and lack of concern.

Here's a website for the rest of us who believe in helpiing people simply because it's the compassionate thing to do: