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08-20-2010, 12:57 PM
I went on DU like i always do when i need a laugh or sometimes i go there is just try an undertand the other side of political arguments... but that always ends in me laughting my HEAD OFF ANYWAY..

having said this i have been visting DU for about 6 years now and even posted two messeages that were quickly deleted and i was banned from the site) so much for hearing the other side....

now having said that let me introduce myself i am a 47 year old white male CPA who was born to jewish parents in new york city. my parents spent most of thier life in Brooklyn New York until they were able to purchase thier own home in central new jersey when i was about 3 years old. My dad was rasied in a a conventional jewish home where they observed most of the important jewish holidays and my mom's parents were not as religious. My parents raised the three of us in a home that was respectful of religion but not strict followers. For example we celebrated both both religiious holidays in december. Anyways my dad had a high school education and worked for the city of new york as a bridge painter. He was a union member and the only two things i remember about his union are 1) in the early 70's he scored the highest score on some union promotional test and he spent about two years fighting with the union leaders about him getting the promotion he felt he had earned and that when he retired in 1990 he was very happy that the city of new york and the union will provide enough in monthly support for him and my mom to live out the rest of thier life comfortably.My older brother ( two BA's one in english and one on art history and my older sister (music scholorship to the New england conservatory of music) have voted liberal every election and in my opinion as liberal as can be and still remain in mainstream. ( funny i used to think they were far-out fringe untill i started reading the shit on DU) I have a masters degrees in Accounting, Business and economics. Currently i am preparing to start a doctorial program where i hope to end my career teaching accounting at some college. any way i typed all that to try and convince you i am not some right wing Nut yet my two postings resulted in me being banned from DU. ( this is ok as i respect DU's right to assemble with whomever they wish)

Now having said all this i am wondering what kind of OUT THERE SPACE CADET can even think of writing this . Like i said i respect DU's right to assemble and discuss politics in whatever format they wish and i respect them if they wanted to develop a place where same mindiness people can gather together to trade information... BUT WHAT THE HELL

phantom power (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-20-10 11:26 AM
Original message
I am sad that Skinner is sad. I think DU is as great as it ever was!
I'm just one guy, but I bet lots of other people feel the same.

DU is a forum. Where people go to do stuff like talk, and disagree with each other. It's a feature.


Dan D. Doty
08-20-2010, 01:48 PM
Cseeman, you made a few of mistakes posting there on DU.

1. You did not say you were mentally ill.

2. You told the truth about your background ( no one on DU does that).

3. No bitching and whinning in your post.

4. You told them you were Jewish ( not a good idea when posting on DU).

5. You told them you were trying to improve yourself ( not a good idea when posting on DU).

6. No bouncy tale in your post.

7. You are not an attention whore.

8. You are not a drama queen.

9. You didn't throw a pity party

10. You didn't throw a hate fest.

They saw you were normal , sane guy and that scares the living sh*t out the Denizens.