View Full Version : Calling President Obama a Muslim is another way of calling him

08-23-2010, 10:55 PM
h/t to WSY.

That is exactly what they are doing.
How can he be a radical christian during the heat of the primary with the Rev. Wright fiasco and toward the end of the primary, during the general and currently become a Muslim?

Why is it that the majority of the people who believe this (they really don't)look the same? Have anyone seen any Muslims, even the radical ones, claiming the POTUS as one of their own? Hell even bin laden won't claim President Barack Hussein Obama. Imagine all the public relations leverage in this country he would gain if he did. People (white) would lose their damn minds.

The only thing a rational person can come up with is that ignorant people are covering up their racism toward a Black President under the cloak of xenophobia. Guess these REAL Americans would rather be referred as xenophobic than racist.

The above was posted by angee_ is_ mad

Interpret that name however you like. I have two ideas.

Angee asks: "Have anyone seen any Muslims, even the radical ones, claiming the POTUS as one of their own?"

I ask: Did Angee go to school?

The DUmmies are really having trouble with this. It just isn't possible in their tiny minds that people have come to believe that Obama is a Muslim based on things he has said and done since he's been in office.. "Muslim" must be a racist codeword instead. For "nigge%" if you buy what Angee's selling.

I wonder if they know about the Pew poll showing that a significant number of Jews have switched from being Democrats to being Republicans or Independents leaning GOP. Historically, Jews supported the civil rights movement for blacks so I don't buy that they are turning against him because he's black.

Not to mention that everyone has always known he is black so anyone who is truly prejudiced against blacks would have opposed him all along.

As for his alleged "Christian" faith, have they forgotten that his former pastor went to Libya with Farrakhan to see Khaddafi? Do they not realize that Farrakhan and Khaddafi are Muslims and not moderate ones? Have they not heard that Obama has, on two occasions or more, addressed Muslims in Arabic with words that a fellow Muslim would use?

There are good reasons for people to think Obama is a Muslim.