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Today appears to be the day for DU Bouncies!!!! (http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x9022018) :D

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Original message Thanks to Fox News, I had a great day today

The weather broke in Michigan today, low humidity, average temperature, just a beautiful day.

Smiling, I went off to work. Been a little bit since I made some money, today was a good day! (So you found some bottles on the side of the road to return for the deposit???)

I have a carpet and upholstery biz, doing ok but have seen better days. Love and community get me through. (Yeah...sure it does.)

My "base" is 95% repeat and referral, today I'm going to an old customer, been fixing their problems for at least
10 years, do their kids carpets and many referrals. (I wonder how many of the "problems" were ones he/she caused???)

Teh BullShit Starts Here...

As always "Bob", (not his real name, altho I always ask "Is Bob spelled with one o or two?" {Sorry any Bobs' out there} ) has Fox News on the TV.
Bob for some reason has always thought that I am a Republican, maybe cuz I own my own business in Oakland County, Michigan, a Repub
stronghold (?), don't know, really don't care.

I say, " Bob, I just can't watch Fox News anymore."
Bob queries, " Hey, how come? Thought you loved those guys."

"Well", I said, "They are owned by a foreigner, Rupert Murdoch and his second largest donor is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal"
(Thank You for the cheat sheet I carry)

"C"mon, I mean thats just wrong, that we get our news from some foreigner and a Muslim terrorist" , I added, secretly smiling all the time.

Bob, "Really?" I say, "Just google it, find out all the stuff".

Bob enjoined, " They have some great ideas."

Said I, "Of course. But do you want those ideas to come from some foreigner and from Muslims?

Little background at this point.

Bob is a deacon at one of the largest Catholic parishes in our area, very well respected, very much loved.
His wife is the music director. Very smart, very well respected, very well connected, people. Got that? Well connected.

Ok, long story even longer, I get to work, cleaning the carpets.
Tv was shut off, not a sound of any crap, except that which was going up my hoses. Cleaning humor, sorry!

I have a truck-mounted machine, needs a little attention every once in a while, pressure checks flow checks, etc.
All this means is that i have to go outside the home every so often to check stuff.

Bob was sitting in the garage, on the cell, talking to his friends.

He told his buddy the stuff he found on Google about Fox News, the ownership, the contributors.

He said, "I'm never going to put that shit on my TV again" I was astounded, it went on.

Bob continued, " I'm telling everyone to turn off Fox News."

I felt great, turning the tables a little, getting the word out.

You know, you never know when the opportunity comes, it may be small, it may be unannounced,

We will win, it takes you, don't give up. Talk, Encounter, Educate. Thats my TEE party.


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FFS! :rolleyes:

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Worst... Bouncy...EVER....