View Full Version : Wendy's Cook: I Pulled Knife On Co-Worker For Serving Bad Bacon

08-30-2010, 05:26 PM
By Chris Morran on August 30, 2010 10:15 AM 0 views


An employee at a Wendy's in Connecticut has been charged with second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, threatening and breach of peace after allegedly pulling a knife and threatening to stab a co-worker. But he claims it was all for a good reason: He was upset at the other employee for serving bacon that had dropped on the floor.

"According to him, his purposes were altruistic," a West Hartford police lieutenant told the media. "He wanted the public to get good bacon."

But there's another side to this story, one that doesn't involve bacon at all. The worker who didn't brandish a blade told police that the incident was all about chicken.

Let's go back to the lieutenant for this one:

The one story the victim gave is that the victim and [the arrestee] were in the back in the cooking area and [the arrestee] told the victim he was doing something wrong with the way he was doing his chicken, whether he didn't have enough on there, whatever, there were words as to the preparation of the chicken... This led to sort of a back and forth, words, and then [he] took a knife out and threatened the victim.

The knife-wielding employee is no longer working for Wendy's.

VIDEO AT SOURCE (http://consumerist.com/2010/08/wendys-cook-i-pulled-a-knife-on-fellow-employee-because-he-tried-to-serve-bad-bacon.html)