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If you all remember, Anthem Blue Cross wanted a 39% rate hike for all Californians back in the spring. Also, if you remember, that request got them the attention of Kathleen Sibelius and HHS:


Well, apparently the state of California has allowed a rise to go through. My next Blue Cross payment (heist) will be up by 25%

BTW, this is nothing about my own personal health situation, which hasn't changed any. Here are the actual reasons for the increase that Anthem Blue Cross stated in my notice:

--advances in medical technology
--price inflation for medical services exceeding regular inflation
--cost shifting of the uninsured and medicaid recipients to the private sector
--Compliance with the new health care reform bill (!)
--Lifestyles, such as the national increase in obesity

So, I am paying 25% extra to cover Anthem's costs to comply with Obama's bill, which basically gave away the store to the insurance companies, AND to cover the costs of the uninsured and Medicaid recipients, which Anthem claims are being shifted to them. (I am also paying, if you notice, for the crazy inflation of medical services that is due to the industry itself, and this will only get worse when they have complete control of a mandated customer base.)

None of this to do with me or my health. Everything to do with shifting their costs to the consumer so they can still collect obscene profits.

It's only going to get worse people.

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JoePhilly (1000+ posts) Mon Aug-30-10 06:27 PM
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5. Sounds like you were about to get hit with a 39% incrrease, and ...You were hit with a 25% increase.

If Obama did nothing, which would it have been?

39%, or 25%??

Both suck. But ... just perhaps, Obama helped you avoid an additional 15% increase.

After all ... if we did nothing, do you think the insurance companies would have reduced their rates?

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52. please......stophttp://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/images/transparent.gifjust fucking STOP


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Compliance with the new health care reform bill (!)

They always think that companies are going to take these things out of their profits...............what a bunch od maroons..........