View Full Version : My Response To Bob Etheridge Letter

09-04-2010, 01:21 AM

I read your letter and I must say it was quite impressive. "Imrpessive" in that it was completely devoid of any facts and the very common sense to which you referred.

You realize that blaming the past administration is not honest and is the cowardly way out? The situation given you by a spend-happy Republican president has been made worse by this current administration. The Bush admiistration handed over a 4.6% unemployment rate and @ 8.5 trillion in debt. Debt that took eight (8) years to compile. This president has used your rubber stamp to enslave our children and grandchildren to the tune of 13 trillion in LESS THAN 2 YEARS!

This Congress has been more than an accomplice in passing useless and expensive legislation, you have been complicit. Now you ask us to ignore the facts and believe that you care? Pelosy, Reid, and YOU are responsible for allowing this novice, unprepared, and ill-equipped president to ram his agenda down our throats. May November come early this year. Please spend a few minutes actually thinking about the ramifications of your vote instead of palying lap dog to Pelosy and Reid.

Enough on that, let's assume for a minute you care and really want to fix the mess you helped create. I have a few ideas:

1. Stop passing more and expensive entitlement legislation.
2. For every bill passed, resind another of equal or greater cost. Our forefathers did n't require government medicine or pharmacy and neither do we.
3. Reverse political legislation such as Obama Care/ TARP/ Bailouts, etc. The GOP promoted much better ideas that attacked the problem instead of throwing money at it, yet politics prevented the Democrat controlled Congress from considering this common sense.
4. Stop playing politics with our country and our money. Democrats control our bankrupt cities and have for many years. Democrats have been in power nationally for most of the last 60 years and have steadily moved the nation toward bankruptcy. See any patterns?
5. Start representing the will of the people and not your narrow political view. Americans are tired of you and your cronies shoving your version of Socialism down our throats. We voted for you to govern FOR us, not AGAINST us.
6. Actually read and write the legislation before you vote on it. The vote you cast is way bigger than you and surely bigger than a political ideology. We actually have to live with and fund the ill-conceived legislation you pass. You are supposed to write it, not farm it out to special interest groups to write. You are supposed to read and understand the bill. You should know the bill and its consequences before you pass it.

Bob, I don't expect you to change your views. You appear to be hopelessly mired in leftist-political hogwash and you have apparently justified these positions to yourself. I can only hope that some day you too will have to suffer through some of this bankrupting nonsense you have helped lead your country into.

Bob, I'll leave you with a little prayer:

Dear Lord, please allow enough of our country to survive these Nation-Bankrupting-Politicians until the November 2010 and November 2012 elections so that we can make them join the ranks of the unemployed, and replace them with leaders who love their country.

r/This in response to a completely fact-free letter from Bob I received through e-mail.