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Original message I have now spent 4 days chatting with a Teabagger

I am serving on a jury and we have met now for 4 days. The old fellow (I am old, he is even older) who is seated next to me is a self-proclaimed "Tea Party" person - no kidding, that's what he called himself. So for these past several days we've been chatting. Its a pretty nice old fool (well of course being a DUer, I'm automatically smarter...at least in my widdle tale.) , but my god, you should have to try to carry on a conversation with him. He carries around a copy of the Constitution with him, he gave me one today.(Was it living?? :rolleyes:) It was from his second case of them, which he got (bought) from the Heritage Foundation. He told me he had to pay for the first case, but when he called them for another one they sent it for free. He gives them away to anyone who wants one. I told him if Heritage printed it he might want to check it for accuracy. The comment flew right over his head. (Dipshit, if the H Foundation was giving out inaccurate copies, I think your Obama loving ABC,CBS,NBC, and FOX might have pointed that out by now... And, he had just given you something for free so he most likely just ignored your stupid statement.)

He told me he had studied the Constitution a good bit - sounding a lot like Karl in "Swing Blade" but without the deep understanding( yes...of course.), and yet seems perplexed as to how the Commerce Clause can be used for all sorts of mischief. H started a small rant this afternoon about how the Government had simply ruined his town, but when I asked him about who the large employers were back in the day (1980 or so) and got his response which included some large old manufacturing giants I asked him where they were now? Gone of course. And Then I asked a question he seemed to ponder for a while though he never responeded. I asked him why they left and didn't he think that maybe the loss of jobs and prosperity they took with them had a lot to do with the region's decline? I said something about it starting with Reagan, (sure, bring up Reagan. I'm surprised this dipshit didn't use the normal DU insult of RayGun.) if I recalled correctly.

Anyway, what I wanted to say about this old fool is that he's a pretty nice guy. (I'm sure he'd be happy to hear that!!!!) He's got a good sense of humor and he cares a good bit about the country. He was about as mixed up a man as I have ever talked to and he really didn't seem to be able to line up causes with effects,(Well of course not!!! He isn't a DUer!!!!) he blamed every ill on Government but he couldn't say a thing Government had done wrong, other than to exist. The guy wasn't particularly argumenative either, not at all actually. It also became pretty clear to me that he pretty much took on the opinion of the last person he talked to. Its a little hard to explain but it kind of goes like this. He has this set of beliefs and you can't disprove any of them by giving him facts to the contrary - but what you can do is weave together a narrative crammed with facts contrary to what he says he believes and he will agree with you all the way to the conclusion, even thought it is in disagreement with the position he holds; in short he can believe and disbelieve the same thing at the same time - paradox does not disturb the man.

I only bothered to comment on this post on the off chance there is some truth to it. But as we've seen countless times, the DUmmies just like to make up a good story to push the latest Libtard agenda and get DUmmie Street Cred. :D

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