View Full Version : Bridge collapse threatens Delhi Commonwealth Games as teams cry foul over facilities

09-21-2010, 08:20 PM

THE Delhi Commonwealth Games were thrown into chaos last night after a footbridge near the main stadium collapsed and major teams threatened to pull out over the state of the athletes' village.

Australian discus chamion Dani Samuels last night became the first athlete to pull out over security fears. She said that no gold medal was "worth risking her life". World triple jump champion Phillips Idowu is also considering pulling out and said early this morning that he had serious concerns about preparations in India. India won the right to host the event seven years ago and spent an estimated $3.16 billion preparing for the biggest multi-sports event in its history, a showpiece that it hopes will project it as a regional power to rival China.

But with less than two weeks to go until the opening ceremony, many facilities have yet to be completed - including the athletes’ village, which is due to open in just two days’ time. The collapsed footbridge from the parking lot to the arena was among the building projects. Police said that at least 23 people were injured in the collapse, five of them seriously.

Don't know why they handed the Games to a fourth world shithole like India anyway. A drover's dog could have told you they would screw it up. Not to mention the fact the area is bristling with jihadis.

09-21-2010, 08:22 PM
This is...unbelievable

Meanwhil, a crew from Australia’s Channel 7 filmed the backstreet trade in ammonium nitrate and a range of other powerful explosives from illegal stores in the Indian capital. The crew also filmed a salesman in a parking lot illegally offering a “remote detonation kit” built into a rolling suitcase. The Channel 7 reporter Mike Duffy subsequently wheeled the empty case past armed police guarding the Nehru stadium without once being challenged.

Security fears were already high in the capital after a gun attack outside the Indian capital's main mosque injured two Taiwanese tourists at the weekend.

These damned Baptists are at it again..................:rolleyes:

09-21-2010, 08:35 PM
Oh stop, will you please?

Just because there's ammonium nitrate and a range of other powerful explosives and remote detonation kits doesn't prove anything. I mean, its not like we're at war with anyone...:rolleyes: