View Full Version : Half of California voters want Pelosi replaced as House speaker

09-23-2010, 08:27 PM
http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100923/el_yblog_upshot/half-of-california-voters-want-to-replace-pelosi-as-speaker;_ylt=AiYXD67KpRzCiPhk0I.bd3GMwfIE;_ylu=X3o DMTU4a3B1a2NtBGFzc2V0Ay9zL3libG9nX3Vwc2hvdC8yMDEwM DkyMy9lbF95YmxvZ191cHNob3QvaGFsZi1vZi1jYWxpZm9ybml hLXZvdGVycy13YW50LXRvLXJlcGxhY2UtcGVsb3NpLWFzLXNwZ WFrZXIEY2NvZGUDcmFuZG9tBGNwb3MDNARwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5 fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA2hhbGZvZmNhbGlmbw--

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has never been a popular political figure around the country, but no matter how low her national poll numbers have gone, she could always count on wide support among Californians.

No longer. A Public Policy Polling survey out today finds that almost half of likely voters in California -- including 21 percent of Democrats -- would like to see Pelosi replaced as speaker.

The poll doesn't break down exactly where Pelosi has lost support in the state and geography in California is significant, given that Pelosi is most popular in San Francisco, where her district is based, and in other urban areas such as Los Angeles.

But the polling points up a significant shift, with a plurality of Californians saying they're unhappy with what Pelosi's high-profile leadership position has gotten the state. All told, 48 percent of likely voters in the state have an "unfavorable" opinion of Pelosi. Not surprisingly, Democrats still solidly back her, with 62 percent of them saying they approve of the job she's doing. But 17 percent of her party disapproves -- and a surprising 21 percent say they are "not sure" about her performance.

Among independents, Pelosi's unfavorable rating is at 62 percent, and more than half think she should be replaced as speaker. Pelosi has even narrowly lost the support of women in the state: Forty-five percent say there should be a new speaker, while 44 percent rate her unfavorably.

The poll is yet another signal of how no incumbent, not even in a progressive state like California, is safe in November. It's true that Pelosi is highly unlikely to lose re-election (no matter how many "Wizard of Oz"-inspired ads her opponent runs). But these poor numbers are a bad sign for Democrats nationally.