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09-24-2010, 11:17 PM

Sex killer to get lethal injection

A US judge has given the go-ahead to execute a convicted sex killer next week, paving the way for an end to the nearly five-year suspension of the death penalty in California.Albert Greenwood Brown is scheduled to die on Wednesday for abducting and raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl in 1980, after the ruling by federal judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose, southeast of San Francisco.

The judge said California state authorities had addressed concerns that the lethal injection procedure was unconstitutional. California imposed a moratorium on executions in 2006 after a death row inmate claimed that lethal injection would cause him excruciating and intolerable pain before he actually died.

In response, authorities agreed new guidelines for executions, but opponents again used legal means to prevent them from coming into force, arguing they had not been publicly debated. Following prolonged wrangling the new procedures were approved this (northern) summer, and an Appeal Court judge in San Francisco on Monday ruled that the moratorium was no longer justified.

Brown's execution, if it goes ahead on September 29, would be the first since that of Clarence Ray Allen on January 17, 2006, which triggered a wave of protests. Seventy-six year-old Allen was blind, partly deaf, had heart problems and used a wheelchair. California governor and former Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to pardon him.

Brown is among some 700 people scheduled to be executed in California, which has the biggest number of prisoners on death row in the United States.About bloody time.

We're having this discussion now...five years ago the polls showed for 30 percent for and just over sixty percent against, the rest undecided.

Now that percentage is over fifty percent in favour. We may see the DP reinstated in ten or so years, maybe earlier.

As far as this scumbag is concerned, execute the bastard.

09-25-2010, 12:19 PM
Virginia executed a female scumbag thursday. Another state, I forget which one, was to execute one friday.
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