View Full Version : Gigantic waste of $$ or someones private slush fund

09-25-2010, 10:03 PM
The Public bus sytem here is somewhat a joke. Doesn't run early or late and coverage area is laughable.

They are fixin to spend 2.9 million Dollars to build 119 bus shelters.

The shelters themselves will have an area of 5 by 12 feet, which will sit on a larger concrete pad, Ator said. They will have metal grating on three sides, which should allow air flow but also prevent rain and provide some protection from the sun. A translucent roof will also protect from the sun and rain.

Each stop will have a bench capable of seating four or five people, with an arm rest between each seat, Ator said. This will help people get up and down and prevent people from sleeping on the bench.


Initially, Harker Heights will receive 11 shelters, but may see a total of 14, Ator said. The project will be done in two phases to make sure there are sufficient funding available to place shelters in each city.

The HOP hopes to install 14 shelters in Copperas Cove, 30 in Temple, 40 in Killeen and about 11 in Belton by 2012. The project will cost an estimated $1.9 million, most of which is being paid for with the New Freedom grant. The HOP provided 10 percent of the funding; another 10 percent came from participating cities.

For those paying attention that approx $16K/bus stop shelter