View Full Version : Behar Claims Tea Partiers ‘Don’t Believe in Any Govt At All, Zero,’ Taxes Not Increas

09-26-2010, 05:59 AM
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On the September 15 The View on ABC, co-host Joy Behar insisted that co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was wrong to assert that taxes are set to increase in January as the two sparred over the issue. Behar: "It's not an increase, Elisabeth. It is not an increase." She soon added, "They are not, stop saying it's an increase because it's not." After Hasselbeck shot back, "Okay, we’ll talk in January," Behar continued, "The Democrats want to eliminate the tax cuts for the rich. That's all. Stop doing that."

Behar also exaggerated the anti-big government views of the Tea Party movement, claiming that members "don’t believe in any government at all, zero," and mocked activists for supposedly not realizing that Medicare and Social Security are run by the federal government. Behar: "They just don't believe in any government at all, zero. At the same time, it's fascinating about them, at the same time that they don't believe in any government, a lot of them are like, ‘Don't touch my Medicare.’ Well, what do you think that is? That's the schism within the Tea Party. Don't touch my Social Security. Get the government out of my house, you know, come on."

Because you've taken the money already and left us without the means to do better. Now that many are at retirement age they cannot invest money to retire on, they have to depend on SS, the government has left them with no other choice.