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10-03-2010, 07:41 PM
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ThomWV (1000+ posts) Sun Oct-03-10 06:15 PM
Original message Just a thought on yesterday's One Nation Rally

I went to Washington yesterday, it was refreshing.

There was a great mixing and it wasn't forced and it wasn't uncomfortable, as such things often turn out to be. What one poster here called disarray seemed to me to be a great meeting of the minds. The Gay and Lesbian folks were there, the anti-war folks, and first and foremost, there were the union workers. I was lucky to talk to a pair of Union iron workers from Ohio on the METRO ride into town from Shady Grove. Neither of them had ever been to DC and they weren't sure they were doing the right thing riding the train into town and of course had no idea what to expect. Two big strong men giddy as school children. I played guide to them until we came up and hit fresh air, pointed them toward the Memorial and wished them a good day. I knew they were gonna have one.

Every march and Rally I've been to in DC in recent years has seemed me to have been hi-jacked by all sorts of irrelevant groups, but that was not the case yesterday. Yesterday all of the groups, each with its different cause, each was relevant and more importantly they were all there as one. This was not, as reported elsewhere, a dysfunctional mixed-mash of competing ideas and ideals, this was indeed and in fact a meeting of the minds. (You meant mindless but we know.) No one was looking at differences because there as a unifying principal, that we are one and we will sink or swim together.

All one needs to do to see the difference between Republicans and Democrats is to attend Rallies of about equal size put on by each of them. Had you gone to Beck's get-together last month and compared it to One Nation yesterday you would have seen the difference. (I'm sure we would!) Their's was the product of hatred and ours is the face of unification and progress. (AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) After yesterday my faith is renewed. Don't worry folks, the haters can not win, they are as devoid of unifying principal as they are of original thought. (Gee there Thom, that's pretty ballsy calling out your Party like that. Good job dude!!!)


It's funny, that hippie lady I posted a pic of in another thread was wearing a button that said "Dissent is Patriotic". The funny thing is how it's only "Patriotic" when a Libtard is wearing it.

Constitutionally Speaking
10-03-2010, 09:01 PM
Beck's was the product of hatred??? Based on what??? ALL he did was preach forgiveness honor and self-renewal.

Ed Schultz was up there condemning anything that was mildly against THE ONE.

Calypso Jones
10-03-2010, 09:15 PM
Here's more of the differences:

One Nation Rally Attendee attacks Reporter (a woman with the camera) Do the police REALLY do the right thing. no. this is part of the reason that women...especially left leaning ones, shouldNOT be allowed in law enforcement.


10-03-2010, 09:18 PM
Their's was the product of hatred and ours is the face of unification and progress.

Yeah. Calling for a return to God and going to back to a moral existence is nothing but hate. :rolleyes:

10-03-2010, 09:57 PM